KLQ-600 Automatic Bidirectional Grooving Machine

This equipment is used for making V shape grooving on gray cardboard, industrial cardboard, MDF, and other board type. It is making V shape with dural direciton in one time.
1. One machine with multi function, this machine is not only used for making V shape grooving of different package box making, such as Rigid box, Jewelry but it also used for making grooving processing of case maker product. Differnet product, you can adjust the machine in order to make different box product and hardcover or case maker.etc
2. High stability system's advantage with turn back the prouct on half overlap: when the product had been conveyed for next step, the product can convey on half overlap situation(the speed of the turning part can be slower than the same speed) This system is improving the machine stability with same high speed.
3. Usage for Making Case Maker or Harcover product: The PLC can control the forwarder and reverse conveying of belt. When make the case maker or hardcover product, it do not need the 2nd step of grooving for another side, so directly set up the reversing of steering belt, and directly automatically convey the product to the collector holder after 1st step grooving cutting.
4. Automatically collecting the final product.

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