What SAILI can do?
SAILI is the most professional manufacturer of grooving and cutting machine in packaging machinery industry in China, event. So SAILI can provide grooving and cutting machine for you to make kinds of boxes like hard rigid box, book box and fold box.
What's the main difference between SAILI and other suppliers?
Profession, experience, quality, grooving accuracy, company culture.
How to choose a suitable machine when start a new business of packaging box?
You’d better choose a brand product, and you should be professional on checking grooving line accuracy.
How to improve the packaging box production craft?
You should know more about the updated craft on box production.
Is there any difference of SAILI’s machine?
Different products have their own advantages for different demands, so you just need to choose suitable one according to your daily production capacity.
Is there any after-sales service if customers purchase SAILI’s machine?
Whole life after-sales service and one year for free but not including the spare parts like blades, belts and etc.