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SAILI is the first designer and manufacturer of V shape grooving technology used for making V shape on kinds of materials before box forming process in the world. Grooving technology is applied in an area of making different HIGH END packaging boxes, used to improve the visual effects of boxes with straight edge and angle. Meanwhile, SAILI foucs on improving the class of hard box, such as Rigid Box, Book Box and Folded Box, and making your box more beautiful and valuable. As you know, SAILI technology has been widely used into comestic box, electric box, tea box and etc, to be the key technology of box production line.


Paperboard Grooving Sail's Opinions

As a processing way to improve the visual effects of packaging,the grooving craft has become more and more popular in the field of packaging boxes, such as electronic products in recent years. For cutting groove into thickness 200- 300GSM (0.2mm) of paperboard, the depth should be controlled at 0.08mm, otherwise the groove will be too deep or too shallow (and the beating accuracy of drum should be within 0.02mm).

The grooving refer to adopts two sharp blades combined into V-shape cutter,then cut along the designed route and depth on the surface of greyboard or paperboard, so as to take out the needless fibers to meet one or more grooving lines, the purpose is to fold the greyboard or paperboard along the grooving lines into stereoscopic angle. On the traditional grooving machine, the Surface laminated paperboard will have problems of scratching and wire drawing in the process of separately delivery, it's seriously affect the quality of the products. Automatic Feeder grooving machine is equipped with Feida suction nozzle to adsorb the paperboard, to avoid the friction between the upper and lower paper, and to solve the problems of scratching and wire drawing on the surface of the paperboard.